Shopping Trip Exaustion


Sometimes I’m at a loss for words when it comes to typing up something for each post.   For me its about pictures.  I look at so many posts a day with so many amazing bloggers and admire their photos.  I realize that mine are a bit less flashy as some of our many talented artists out there.  But I prefer to take pics with good camera angels with the help of windlight and minimal editing besides maybe some cropping, maybe some contrast and a bit of softening. For me this helps for those who do visit my blog see how the worn items will actually look.  It’s sometimes very hard to find new things to wear.  And the help of a blog makes it so much easier than just randomly going from store to store to store.  Being able to see how something actually looks is very helpful.  As I do feel the art done to so many pics is simply amazing and always has me in awe I feel overdone pictures are also very deceiving.  Many times I have gone to shops to buy something that looked simply amazing in a photo only to find out that the item that had me so excited did not look at all how it was portraid to me. I suppose all these words mean there are different kinds of bloggers with different kinds of photos and honestly in the very end…. Always try the Demo 😀

On that very long note I would like to say FaME SHed. has started a new round at which I was not able to look at every fantastic new thing,  However I did manage before I had to go to snag up the new hair from Besom.  I would like to note however that the bangs do not come with this hair.  The bangs are something I add sometimes because I feel my av looks better often times with them.  The Bangs are from another hair from No Match.

Also since I started blogging many years ago I can’t believe how many events there are!  I Love it!!!  I go to an event and discover designers I didn’t know about and find the most amazing things.  I hit every event I can find in hopes to find new creators and amazing finds and I recently stumbled upon  where I found what I call my find of the week!  I found Boutique 187 at the Pixra and found they have the cutest guitar backpack gacha machine and it does not matter what color you get the quality is amazing.  But even still I kept at it because seriously the Epic was a must have!  This Guitar backpack can be found at the PIxra event as well in the Main store.

Also on my shopping trips to these many events I also came across M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H  which is another shop until I saw the jacket at an event I did not know much about.  So I also visted their main store and ended up walking away with the amazing jacket and skirt in this post.



Skin: Lumae :: Niska – 4 – Peach // Bare

Shape: Custom NFS

Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Apex

Hair: *Besom~Beauty Marked NEW!!! @ FaME SHed

Bangs: no.match_ ~ NO_ANGEL ~ Bangs ONLY worn

Mouth: Nyam Nyam  

Skirt: .M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H. Leather Skirt Black

Jacket: .M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H. Jacket Grey

Necklaces:  Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Amelie Painted Beads

Rings:  Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings (silver)

Shoes: Pure Poison – Katarina Sandals

Backpack: 14- #Boutique 187 # Guitar Case Backpack Vintage ULTRARARE


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