The Archangel

Von Strauss

FotoFlexer_Photo 1    FotoFlexer_Photo2

Back Flag: [SG] Saint’s Flag EPIC (Caine Engineer)(at Fantasy Gatcha)

Scarf: [ Mr.Poet ]::Knit scarf Right_Brown/Spine (modded)

Boots: Assassin Boots-Faded Black-FULL BOOT (Krystal Silverweb)

Head piece: [SG] Alfheim Crown LEGENDARY ( at Octobers Fantasy Gatcha-Caine Engineer)

Right Bracer: [The Forge] Basic Bracer, Right (Rising Sun) (at Fantasy Gatcha)

Hair:  *Aotreo* Marius – MidnightT5

Left shoulder:  Elysium – neckpiece male – black


Back Banner: [SG] Soaren Banner (Caine Engineer)

Kilt: DPD – Obscure Belt

Saints Halo: +Blasphemy+ Holly filth Halo

Shirt: Snatched Assassin MESH outfit


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