Bringing Back My Old & Adding to something New!


Decided to play with an old look that I use to have long ago for RP, and that was bring back my elf ears. I realized in playing with them I really did miss them. So you might see me running around in SL with my elf ears on weather or not it fits in with the RP I’m currently doing.  Just overlook them 😛 Also… Now that the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is over, Designers are now starting to get ready for the next round which starts in October and all I can say is Ahhhh!! Thats entirely to far away!! Decided to Preview one of the items that will be in the gacha next round by Stitched Gods, The Alfheim Crown LEGENDARY which will come with a color change hud.. this item is the ultra rare and there will be many other crowns in the gacha to get.

I have been a bit lazy the last several days on changing clothes. So this is a previous outfit with some small changes to it.


Skin: Glam Affair

Shape: Custom NFS

Eyes: *Birth* Hypnotic Eyes – Aztec: Spell

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Carrie [Roots] – LightBlondes03Fade

Dress: .:AVALE:. Selenna .Gloomy. 

Necklace: Valdis ~ Necklace

Necklace2: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Black 

Ears: Tigra elf ear

Facegems: ::ED:: “Rhinestone eyes” Face jewls 

Bracelets: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelets BLACK

Crown: [SG] Alfheim Crown LEGENDARY (Not Avail till October @ Fantasy Gacha)


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