The Carnival is Upon US!

With so many amazing designers for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival I have honestly been unable to keep up with all the amazing items in this event, However I do not want anyone to miss out on such amazing items. Here are the add previews for several of the other items that will be avail at this event.. remember early entry is tonight! Pull out those Carnival outfits and head to the event and get your rares!!

Grand Opening is tomorrow the 31st!!!

{KD} Mask Madness Ad

[Freya] Femknight Gatcha Poster [Freya] PeacheZ Gatcha Poster [Stitched Gods] Gatcha_ Shields 9361534490_88f6177dbd_h Deviance - Fantasy Gacha - Sidhe Wings Commons Deviance - Fantasy Gacha - Sidhe Wings Rares Fantasy Gacha - Candy Crunchers - Desk N` Chair Fantasy Gacha - Candy Crunchers - Dragon Pets

gacha camisk poster V1 pg hotpants

[Stitched Gods] Gatcha_ Flags _OAL_ Butterfly & Owl Tattoos ~ Black Ink


peqe-poster-robe-gown-gacha Tiar gatcha male



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