Life – Hud @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival



The Team at the Life – Hud has brought us after 18 mths of extremely hard work the new Life Hud,  This Hud is simply amazing and will turn your avatar into an in world Sim.

With this Hud give your avatar Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Bladder, Hygiene, Social Life, Illnesses and Sickness, as well as a LOT MORE! LIFE Hud is the Ultimate HUD for those of us who love the SIMs Franchise games!

There are so many different components to work with this hud to give you exactly what you need components such as food, furniture luxury items, toys etc.

When starting your hud up you choose your age and are able to progress. Your needs will be based on your age. Always very helpful staff avail at the Life – Hud store in world.


As the title above states Life – Hud is also coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is opening in a few short exciting days and runs July 31st to August 21st

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

Items avail at the Gacha event for the Life – Hud are some very fun ones to increase the fun in the use of your Life – Hud

newlifegachaposter lifegatchaposter2

Be sure to check out the Life – Hud store and enjoy the fun of taking your avatar to a whole new level of fun.  We are all looking to make our avatars more real and this has really hud is the trick. a combination of ourselves put into an avatar along with the natural needs.



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