I Hear Crickets

barbarian1 barbarian3


So today saw a post for a very pretty public sim and decided to go check it out.. Savoir Faire is a very well done sim with so many different areas to take many amazing photos and well worth the trip just to see the fantastic work done to this sim TP HERE.  This outfit is a combo of nearly two full outs and was a very last minute toss together look to keep a fun RP look going.


Skin: Glam Affair LuLu01

Shape: Custom NFS

Layer Shirt/Pants: ! Cellar Door Mercy

Halter top/Skirt/Straps:!gO! Barbarian Girl outfit – Brown –

Boots: {AS} Kizmet Mesh Boots ~ Dragon Wood

Armour: [The Forge] Daerwen Armour

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Genesis – LightBlondes03 NEW!!

Bow: !LR Mimic Bow [Elite] (box) v3.04



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