Early Morning Ride – NEW Mesh Horse @ KOT

Today I had the great pleasure of trying out a new item in SL which was incredibly amazing. *KOT* has come out with Mesh Horses that you wear and do not rez so they are wearable anywhere.

horse2 Horse3

These beauties come with the most realistic animations I have ever seen. Because it is Mesh it does take a little bit for them to cache and then they work perfectly so at first they will look a bit stretched till the cache kicks in. Also these horses are to a scale shape, because all of us are different in side, the horse comes with a shape, Male or Female which is modify, I do not suggest doing a full body change on this shape, I only modified the face of mine to make it look like my normal shapes face. If the body shape is changed to much especially from the height the horse itself will not fit the avatar correctly and be a bit stretched.


The horse has a menu driven tail to dismount along with other options like make your horse dance. It trots, gallops and but a double tap of the forward button will go into a full run.  Whats also very fun is the horse actually swims when you go into the water.  When you are your horse are not moving it will do normal horse movements.  Total animations are Walk ,Walk Backwards,Trot, Canter, Gallop, Jump, Swim, Dance, Rear, Cycling stands

The Animation system in these horses is highly complex and so when there are normal sl glitches and hiccups it is amplified but does recover very fast.

The horse comes in 4 different color choices and soon will be many other color options to be released.

TP to *KOT* Stables  To DEMO or purchase your horse today!




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