Is it Ripped??? Get Facts.

artworkSo this post is nothing more than me being able to express my personal opinion on something that seems to be coming up more and more, I have been approached about it along with my friends and also I have seen many posts on other blogs about it. You may not like what I have to say but I feel the needs to say it.

More and More the subject of ripped and stolen content such as mesh keeps coming up.  People accusing designers of ripped content and basically blacklisting these people.  It is very hard to prove that someone has ripped content because most of what is in SL is based off of items that are done in RL.  The actual build is usually based off of something in rl that has inspired the creator to bring it into SL for us to enjoy in world. Many times these items have photo sourced textures.  However this is not a new thing. Photo sourced textures are not new this has been going on for many years. a great deal of items in SL have textures that are just that. Photo Sourced.  And yes this does apply to not prim items as well.

I feel its extremely unfair to call blacklist on a  creator based on just seeing a picture of a rl world thing that is in SL and hurting them.  In most cases the designer puts alot of work into recreating these items to bring into the wonderful world of SL.

If you feel it is ripped content the answer is simple. Do not blacklist them and spread around vicious rumors without complete proof. Unproven allegations can hurt what is some peoples RL business  even if it is in a virtual world.  Hurting a business in sl with false allegations is the same as hurting a business in RL and is slander which can cause lawsuits.

So the answer is simple. If you feel that the content is ripped and stolen, Report It, Yes there have been some casses of Ripped and Stolen items in SL but not ALL of it is. LL has taken action. The stores closed, the items removed from MP and then it slowly vanishes from inventories of those who purchased it.

I’m not saying let those who rip content get away with it. Just report it. Do not take matters into your own hands. Because what if you were wrong.


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