Draw Your Swords

rings ring2So today with the help of Marketplace and We Love Roleplay and things in my inventory and just random TP’s to random stores I was able to put together this fun RP outfit to run around in. This is not one set outfit you get in one spot but a whole bunch of parts put together.



Skin: Izzie’s – Holly Skin pale

Hair: [LeLutka]-CANTO hair – Fades Natural

Eyes: Mayfly Lquid

Shape: Custom NFS

Shoulder: [HANDverk]Scale Pauldron.black – We Love Roleplay 

Shirt/Dress: ~Soedara~ Clan Maiden Brown Leather Filthy White

Pants: ISON – moto leather pants (black)

Boots: the Lounge – *Exclusive* Camel Celtic Calf Boots -Mesh WEAR ME 50L at We Love Roleplay!!!

Necklace:   [MANDALA] Onigiri Silver


We Love Roleplay  TAXI IS HERE!


Also found this fun Pose at The Outlet from Frozen – Up in the Air

Special Thanks to my Puffy Heart Hamlin for always posing with me and making the poses perfect and fun ❤



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