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Sometimes I like to do posts of people who I’m close to in SL who have fantastic style that I think others will also enjoy. This happens to be the case. Please welcome Demon to my post who has one bad ass looking Avatar with fantastic style! Along with being a good friend he is also family and all around a fantastic person.

He puts together an av with such style that he easily stands out in most crowds. It’s so nice to see an avatar that has been loved as much as this one and the hard work is noticeable. Thank You Demon for providing me with details of the look so others might also enjoy it.



Skin !EE Danny Skin Mocha 2 Bald

Shape: Demon’s Own Made

Hair: Unorthodox Mohawk

Eyes: Coma Spectral Eyes Moon Bloodshot

Facial Hair: Unorthodox Chinpatch – **Nikita** Realistic Black Beard

Facial Features: [I] Face Scar – Razor /// Blindfold Eye Wound

Body Features: AVID Blood Iron Blood Layer

Tattoo: Wicked “Live For Today” Light Ink


Hat: MAH Sinatra Fedora Black

Gloves: Devil Fingers Black

Armbands: DPD Weapon Harness II Dark

Upperbody: Razor /// Trekka Vest + Shirt

Lower Body: TonkTastic Paratrooper Black

Footwear: .:ROHINI:. Innovation Boots Black


Necklace: To Be Unique Funner

Bracelets: :FUSION: Imperial Cross

Piercings: To Be Unique Impossible


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