CMC Designs

Every so often I like to do a post that is outside of fashion. Sometimes its a trip to a fantastic sim. But this time it’s my way to pay tribute to some of the Art in Second Life.

An Art for that is slowly fading away in our world of SL with new changes of mesh and sculpts.  But this art form is the pioneer of what we see today in our world. Thanks to this form of art work and the hard work by the artists itself our world has been able to grow and upgrade in leaps and bounds over the years.  The art work I speak of is Prim Art.

Prim Art is just as it sounds taking prims, sometimes many many prims and putting them together in a way to make it into a sculpture. I have seen so many different prim art sculptures, some simple but some with much more detail.

To this day I will stop and look at the hard work put into these works of art and respect the artist as well for helping our world become what it is now today.

Because as the Lindens themselves have stated. It all starts from a box…..

This post is to thank these artists and for myself to recognize one of my favorite ones who still to this day stands by his hard work of prim art and keeps his studio alive and going to share his work with the rest of SL who like myself still love and respect this form of art work.

His Work can be seen at  ::CMC:: Designs 

chuckswork greatdivide suicide

These photos are just a very small selection of his art work and not at all his very best. He has countless works of art at his studio so click HERE for the teleport.


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