Breno has a Stache

brenostachebrenostache2 brenostache3brenostache4Breno has a few new things that I love since I cant seem to get past the Mustache decor. 

The [Breno] Half-Stache Lounger comes with 12 Single Poses, 7 Couple Poses and 3 pattern change options on the small pillow, best part is when you put two together they make the beloved Mustache. 

The Photo on the wall is also Brenos great work the [Breno] ‘Feel like a Sir’ Frame, Which if you have a mustache decor going in your home or not its a must have for all men or women with men in their lives to be sure what sort of mustache they got going on or wish to grow.  LoL But seriously its just that nice last minute touch to any decor you have going on in any room. 

The final object in photo is my favorite item the [Breno] Hangin’ Stache, Why bother having a ceiling fan or ceiling light when you can have this stache to finish off the look with this fun art. 


Skin: Izzie’s – Asia Skin light

Shape: Custom NFS

Hair: Alice Project – Victoria – Infinity NEW

Eyes: PC Spanish Moss

Dress: [Aux] – Doll Dress – A&A 5th ani exclusive! @ Adore&Abhor

Shoes: Shopia Mesh Wedge Sandal-Cream

Necklace: ::Sweet Leonard :: be my Prince ❤ Necklace [V.I.P. Gift]


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