Just a Small town girl

CityLights CityLights1I was in a rather whimsical mood, listening to music and well came upon one of the most classic troll songs of all times. So there you go I’m blogging for the sake of trying to make someone else laugh at my oddness.


Shape: Custom

Skin: -Tzal- Dahlia Cream

Make up: Eyeliner and Natural 1 lips with Cleavage from -Tzal-  (They come with to make it much easier on you)

Eyes: IKON Ardent  Parchment

Shoes: Gfield Gina Lace up Boots in Black

Dress: [Etchaflesh] Desire Plunge Dress

Jewelry: handVerk Coral Medallion Necklace and Coral Earrings in Black

Hair: Alice Project Helalyn Infinity Hair in Red

I’m a rather fussy person when it comes to my skins but I honestly really was impressed with -Tzal-‘s  skins recently. The lines are clean and she appreciated simple beauty instead of going all out exotic. Although with the make up options you do have more then just my fresh and simple approach.


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