Procrastinating 7

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006Berry was talking about Procrastinating and then Seven Facts about yourself. I’m just merging them because as per usual I’m procrastinating and I’m lazy. So here are seven things about me and things I tend to procrastinate about.

Fact one: I am a store owner and I tend to procrastinate getting the updates done on the chart simply because. I know as soon as I get it done, someone’s going to be snarky and rude and or just criticize and tear apart what I just spent the last week getting updated, correct and to the point.

Fact Two: I work for a SL family adoption center as a councelor and a certificate of adoption maker. I like to make others smile and laugh, I really however hate to be the bad guy and have to go. Um ma’am, please cover your bits and pieces, if I don’t want to see them I know the kids don’t want to either as none of them want a constant reminder of where they came out of or how they were fed.

Fact Three: I’m a wow addict, I play WoW daily, usually I’m a horde player, though there are days I’m little miss double agent and log my level 90 priest and play with my sister. I love to level toons, I hate leveling professions, most the time I’m like wtb someone to do it for me!

Fact Four: I love all things bunny, hippity hoppity they are just so damn cute I want to cuddle them into my cleavage and never give them back. If you want to make me happy, love you, forgive you for anything, a bunny is a surefire way to win over my affections.

Fact Five: I’m a crazy cat lady behind this keyboard, I have three cats and they all drive me bonkers. People on skype are constantly hearing me threaten said furballs with claw clippings or dressing them up to look frufru if they don’t leave me alone. Or they hear the purring  as I sit there cuddling them. Which is another reason, I am so slow in getting things done.

Fact Six: I’m fanatical about when and where I get dressed. I am terrorfied I’m going to log on and find myself on noob island butt ass naked. I’m like nuts about making sure I’m dressed at all times. However I’m one of those idiots that have favorite LM’s on the top of my viewer. Guess what, I accidently tp’d to a G rated area butt naked this morning and went OMG and proceeded to facepalm as I tp’d home hoping I didn’t crash.

Fact Seven: I blog for a dear friend of mine, she puts up with my odd bits of insanity. So again, thanks for making sure the blog has it’s resident nutcase ❤  Love Talisy


Shape: Custom

Skin: Izzie’s Harlow Pale with Light Browns /w Cleavage

MakeUp: Izzie’s Vintage Eyeshadow & Moles

Ears: Mesh Mandala Steking

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Brown

Shoes: [Gos] Boutique Lolita Espadrilles – Dusk blue

Hair: [e] Never – Brown 8 (retired)

Shorts: Decoy – Caleigh Shorts – Faded Wash Mesh Jeans

Top: {Happy} Flow Blouse – Ocean


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