Sometimes I feel like a Princess

birthday1 birthday3

I just had to post this because its so incredibly pretty and very rarely do I have those Oooo I want to feel like a princess moments and well this is one of those times. This amazing dress is form Kouse’s Sanctum and is a freebie which I find truely amazing! It was in fact the designers birthday and instead of gifts for herself she made this gift for us. Along with the dress she also made the matching Necklace and Earings. However these are not free but are set at an amazing price of only 10L!

Everything at Kouse’s Sanctum is beautiful and elegant and worth the trip to see all the amazing work she does and the detail and hard work put into each design.

Taxi HERE to visit Kouse’s Sanctum 


Hair: Truth New Years 2013 Gift

Skin: Izzie’s – Asia Skin light

Eyes: PC Shallow Water

Shape: Custom NFS

Dress: [K~*~S] Maybelle – Gown – Birthday Edition

Jewlery: ::: Krystal ::: Sabina – Jewelry Set – Birthday Edition


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