Too Close? 7 SL Facts about me….


So I thought maybe I would do the 7 sl facts about me that I have been seeing everyone else do. I think this is a fantastic idea and lets others get to know you better and a chance for you to also know them.


1. I started SL In 2007 with what is now my RL Boyfriend, We came to SL together before we met in RL and used SL as a way to spend time together with each other, to this day we are still together in SL and RL and talking about being married in RL by the end of 2013

2. I have 2 SL daughters that mean the world to me, along with being apart of the sl fashion world I’m also apart of the sl family community a bit as well

3. I have sl parents, a sister and a brother who are very important to me and a huge part of my sl, these people in the last two facts about me are what truely make my SL incredible and worth logging into each day.

4. I’m very shy, not so good about walking up to random people and holding a convo, I’m most comfortable alone and in my skybox doing my own thing if I’m not with my sl family. However when people do get to know me I’m a bit of a smart ass and sarcastic.

5. I have a heart of gold and do not like to ever hurt people, with that being said if someone is out to hurt me or hurt my friends or family the claws will come out and at that point I’m not so nice.

6. aside from blogging I do build, however I build for my own selfish needs. I use to own a store in 2008 called Precious Concepts and decided now that I just don’t feel like building anymore unless its something I cant find.

7. I blog because even though I do not build any longer,  I have the greatest respect for all builders and the amount of heart and time that goes into their builds/designs, its a work of art and I love putting what is my art in combination with these amazing creations and showing it in a photograph, and telling a story in picture.  I take much pride in the bit of work I do.


Hair: >TRUTH< Crys –  fades

Eyes: PC Shallow Water

Skin: Izzie’s – Asia Skin light

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Asia Eyeshadow pink

Shape: Custom NFS

Shirt: -tb- Half Tucked Tee – Off White

Pants: DRIFT Boyfriend Pants [MESH] Mocha Suede

Headband: LaGyo_Catty headbend

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Sparkly Rocker


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