Pink Fuel – Alyx @ Skin Fair 2013



Today marks the start off of the Skin Fair 2013!! And with it comes some of the most amazing designers/creators and long awaited anticipation did not let us down at all!

One of the new skins is the Alyx from Pink Fuel which many were overly excited for and were on edge waiting for this wonderful skin to get its release.

The Alyx comes in 10 different tones.  Caramel, Espresso, Hazel, Ivory, Java, Latte, Moca, Peach, Porcelain, and Vanilla.

All Photos in this post are done in the Vanilla Tones.


Shadows come in 8 wonderful Colors to match up for any occasion for those who like the risque looks or those who prefer a more subtle tone of makeup to those who would rather just be very plain and have that natural beauty.

With so many lip colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. You can seriously have a different look every day with the combo of Eyes and Lips, Each Lip color comes in normal lips or lips with teeth.


classic5 ClassicLips2

classic4 classic3


also comes in option of teeth

lusty1 lusty2 lusty3 lusty4Be sure to head to the Skin Fair 2013 and get your favorites!


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