Snow @ Rabbit Hybrid Nea Avatar!

I have had the great pleasure of trying my very first Hybrid Nea Avatar! I have seen a few others but none as impressive as the one from Snow @ Rabbit and avail on March 14th at the skin Fair!

The Head & Neck to just above breast are Mesh along with the Ears, it comes with two alphas to wear prim eyes or comes with mesh eyes. The face is amazing and incredibly smooth and beautiful and has a few different facial features the normal avatars do not, she smiles randomly showing teeth, closes her mouth and her eyes close as well. It gives your avatar a much more realistic feel.


The Avatar comes in 5 different skin tones to choose from. The HUD changes the skintone on the mesh head along with 9 eye shadow colors, 5 lip colors, 4 blush colors, 4 beauty mole options,  4 eyelash options with soft & hard in each option. And finally 9 different eye color options along with changing Iris size.



All in all every option given in the HUD is very natural and subtle giving the avatar a very soft natural feel that I love.

To help you Snow @ Rabbit does have a support site set up to trouble shoot directions on how to use this hybrid to complete potential.


2 more days and Skin Fair is open to the public! Be sure to get to Snow @ Rabbit for this amazing Hybrid Nea Avatar!!!

meshhead23 meshhead3 meshhead4.png

You can purchase the Fatpack for $6000L or single skin tones for $3000L


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