What Do You Like.. Skin Fair!!


Izzies Skin Fair relase is an amazing one that I had much joy taking pics of the skin itself is so nicely done with 6 different shades.  Photos = Peach

Other Tones Are:

Pale, Light, Medium, Tanned & Dark Tan

With choice of Dark, Light, Red or Blonde Brow


The Asia Skin Includes:

6 Lip Tat layer Colors


6 Shadow Tat Layer Colors

the Mix and Match possibilities to come up with a unique look over and over are wonderful so you are able to change your look for any occasion from soft and sweet to racey and risque.



Also in included in the amazing Asia skin by Izzies is 3 different eyeliner options also in tat Layers.

the skin pack also comes with :

– nail base that hides nails on gloves layer (for prim nails)
– 1 mod/copy body shape
– 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape

Skin Fair Opens March 14 to the public!



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