Upside Down

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It always amazes me how much creativity people put into their avatars and work so hard to make them sexy, mysterious, dangerous or even just so cute looking.  I have come across over my years in SL so many avatars that I find fantastic. Some of the cutest tho are the small kid avatars who live a peaceful life, a fun life in SL. Over the years these avatars have been attacked, But I myself do not see them any different that any other avatar in SL. In any race or class of avatar in SL there is good and bad and I find that I myself give every avatar a chance as an individual and do not group them all together as one entity.  I would hope that everyone gives others a chance and not stereo type them straight away with out getting to know the person behind the avatar 🙂


Mesh Body: **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Skin: ~Mynerva~Little Milena 5 Champagne

Shape: Custom NFS (The Body is Mesh however for the head its a normal shape customized for a ToddleeDoo Body)

Eyes: PC Shallow Water

Hair: [e] Melody – Essentials Collection (Retired) 

Because a ToddleeDoo Avatar is so small they are unable to wear most mesh hair and require to wear either prim hair or very very short mesh hairs.

Outfit: *Baby Pie* Ashley Toddleedoo Complete Outfit

TuTu: -G[b]R- Tutu in Ice Blue (Halloween Gatcha)

Earings: JCNY – Hyper-Gems Stud Earrings 

Necklace: *CC* by LacieCakes – CuppyCake NL Kids

Moles: Mole Pack V2 Tattoo Layers


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