I went to the Whore Couture Fair today and had a blast shopping. What am I saying? I always have a blast shopping! BUT at the Whore Couture Fair it was all of my favourite shops displaying their newest and best in the same awesome environment. Saves me time so I like it lol I grabbed a few things.. I lie I grabbed a lot Im broke lol And these are some of my favourites along with stuff I had floating around in my backpack abyss (inventory).

The Whore Couture Fair Map


☠ Melody Wears ☠
From Whore Couture Fair:
Tattoo – -UtopiaH- – Ecdysis with Face
Corset & Pasties – The Plastik. – Kali Underbust Corset in Brimstone
Shorts & Stockings – Mirrors Enigma – Iona Body Shorts
The Rest:
Hair – Clawtooth – I Digress
Horns – .::: unBorN :::. – Lil Bitch Horns
Nails – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] – Naboo Rings and Claws
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Babette
Boots – ::Envious:: – Rebel Boots

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