Gawd Im Tired!

Its 7am for me and I havent been to bed.  I done lost my mind!  I had a great night clubbing which I rarely do and made a frendy-friend.  He is more awesome than fart jokes AND I bought his pants… sound like a crazy night??? Yea-ahuh lol  To clarify I saw some of the pants he made, had to have them and got all inspired!

☠ Melody Wears ☠

Hair – LaViere – Eccentricity
Ears – Panda Express – Repent
Face Paint – {katatonic} – war paint white
Cardigan – [ViSion} – Cardigan Mesh Black
Top – Rock Me Amadeus – Tease Me
Pants – ∴ WarBaby ∴ – Bidloo Pants
Belt – Lapointe & Bastchild – Death Skull Belt
Shoes – Pink Acid – Mesh Scorpion Boots Black & Silver
Hearts and Farts Darklings <33

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