My Entry for….

What is it I like to do when I’m not all about fashion??? Well Lets see……

beachbums1 beachbums2 beachbums4 beachbums5


Here at The Daily Bubble it can get slightly hectic so when I heard about this chance to show what I do for fun I gladly jumped on it.  A little bit of R&R is just want was needed.

I grabbed up my boards and headed to the beach at the lovely Pacifico Central.  A very secret quiet place where not to many go. Every so often I do run into a friend here or there or someone from my family but not today, Today was just a Daily gets to be herself and enjoy the peace and quiet and complete tranquility of the Islands.

The Islands are a very magical place where you get to enjoy the peace and quiet to actually hear your own thoughts and give yourself some clarity.  Sometimes this is much needed of course,  we all need to get that escape from it all and catch a wave, climb a tree, walk at the waters edge or just sit in the empty life guard tower and just enjoy the view….

But one of my favorites is the floating along very slowly in an innertube feeling the breeze and enjoying the slow motions of the water around your body.

Yes a much needed vacation and a very enjoyable one.  Ty so much for this challenge 🙂


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