A mermaid’s tale

Snapshot_007 Mermaid2

As per usual another round of the not so serious because let’s face it, I’d rather insert some of myself into everything I do. Hello, those that read my little blogs. Today on a day that I really debated rolling over and going right back to sleep I got up and spent time with a very dear friend of mine. Bad days are sometimes the best inspiration and motivators in getting something productive done. In this case, today’s blog

Although part mesh, part prim and what not. It’s different, colorful and playful.

Shape: Custom
Skin: Izzies Harlow Pale – Light brows
Make Up: Izzies violet eye make up, moles, rust lipstick
Pose/AO: :KH: Mermaid AO3 – Dance with the Waves-
Location: Los Arenas Rosandas
Attire: *+.RP.+* Sakura Mermaid Yu-yami
Accesorries: *+.RP.+* Sakura Murmaid Ornament Set
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes-Lavender
Hair: Exile Sea of Love in Cayenne w/ Sea Band

The location is beautiful from top to bottom and just sooo calming. So why not swim with some dolphins and let the waves wash away your sorrows, problems.


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