Concrete Angel

Concrete Angel

Good morning blog readers!

It’s a lovely day up where I live. For the record the blogger is an alaska. Hello Snow, please go some place else! kthxbai love me! ❤

Anyways a friend of mine gave me a song to listen to and told me it would probably suit me and help me feel better. Guess what I’m up and bouncing and I LOVE the song.. totally. However I was like full on lazy getting dressed so I figured I’d just blog me in my natural habitat. Lazy huh?

Shape: Custom
Skin: Izzies Harlow Pale – RDCL (red brow with cleavage)
Hair: [e] Balance – Red 4
Piercings: Starchild by Ellabella
Eyes: Ikon Lucid Eyes – Brown
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Forget me Not Heart Necklace
Shoes: Deco – Mesh Classic Sneakers in Pink
Ears: Unisex Mandala Streking Ears
Top: Cracked Mirror Varsity Sweater in Purple
Pants: Cracked Mirror Lounge Sweats in Black
Tattoo: Para Designs – Field of Dreams
Location: My skybox
Pose: AO


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