enchant Enchant1

There are days I believe in magic, believe in the power of dreams. And then there are days where reality presses down like a bank safe someone just dropped the rope. When you work , play and try to build a place of happiness in a world of virtual reality, you sometimes forget that Life continues on with all it’s burdens and joys.

Today I believe in magic.

Pose: Glitterati – 013
Shape: Custom
Skin: Izzie’s Pale Harlow Dark Brow
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light – Majorelle Blue
Make Up: Izzie’s Harlow Vintage Eyeshadow, Natural Lips, Moles
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer’s Pekkala’s Moon Pentagram
Shoes: Maitreya Jazz in Black
Hair: [e] Caramel – Black 2
Shirt/Dress: (CM) Woolsworth Dress Mesh Plain pack in Violet/Black
Pants: Plastik Aeda Slacks/Capri’s in Noir


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