Candy land


I’m one that you never really know what I’m going to do one day to the next. Today I was like ha.. I think I’ll go for something dark and mysterious. Well as you can see, my intentions and what I actually do are two seperate things.  Daily thinks we need less serious posts at least once a week. Since when am I ever serious???

So lemme take you to candy land , just don’t ask to lick my lolipop.. I need to know you first and kids might be watching 😀

 ❥Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes – Misty Blush

 ❥Skin: Izzies harlow Skin – Dark brows

 ❥Make up: Izzie’s Vintage Harlow make up, Naturals lipstick and Moles

 ❥Hair: [e] Abbey – Colors 2

 ❥Shape: Talisy Original >.> aka custom

 ❥Jewelry: Violet Voltaire – Cuppycake Birthday Set

 ❥Dress: Candyland Ensemble by ::C&P::

 ❥Shoes: [Gos] Boutique Shoes – Grace White


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