Super Barbie Zombie Hunter

ZombieBarbie ZombieBarbie2


Time for yet another NOT SO SERIOUS BLOG POST!

I have decided these are a must for me once a week because seriously. I cant be serious all the time and have to have fun in SL being the completely dorky me PLUS Walking Dead is back in full force and yeah I’m a Zombie freak.

Also I have spent the last week thanks to my new Dead Yourself app turning every single person I know in my RL into Zombies. SO why not make my av a zombie hunter! A Super Barbie Hunter!


Location: My Studio

Pose: Luth – Funky V2 02

Plus Adorkable Face animation Hud <Must have!


  Shape: Shaar Shape By Daily HERE

✰  Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Candy sunkissed TDR ](wear me)

✰  Eyes: pc eyes by LL – bright – spanish moss

 ✰  Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cerise” Dark Blondes

 Shirt/Axe: .::DD::. Zombie Killer Outfit

 Tank: Gawk! Black Sheer Tank Top

 Pants: {N} – Skinny Cuffed (Bloody Dark)

 Shoes: [Gos] Hunter Ankle Boots – Black Leather [bagged]

 Face Bruises: Corvus: Beaten face Tattoo


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