Never gonna leave this Bed

prim1 prim2

Decided to do something some people seem to refuse now that Mesh is out, but somtimes I miss certain clothes that I loved pre Mesh or even some still new things still coming out. YES I’m talking about Layer clothes and Prim Jewlery!

Yes I understand how people love mesh because well honestly I love mesh. But I find sometimes with certain mesh things its somtimes best to add in some layer clothes with them, or if sometimes the dress or jacket is long its nearly impossible to put on some mesh pants. and best solution is pull out those layer jeans with prim bottoms!

Yes to me in my inventory those layer clothes still hold value, you never know when you need to put something out to add to some new amazing mesh item and the final touch is that old prim jewelry or layer clothes that finish off your look.


 Location: My Studio

 Pose: Diesel Works Vixxie 2


✰ Shape: Shaar Shape By Daily HERE

 Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Candy sunkissed TDR ](wear me)

 Eyes: pc eyes by LL – bright – spanish moss

 Hair: >TRUTH< Angie –  fades Frappacinno

 Shirt: JANE – intrinsic tanks.pinks

✰ Pants/Shoes/Jewlery: D-Style – Iunno [Deleirium]


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