:: Sense and Sensibility :: What’s your dream… House?

This is SL and most on my plurk and blogs are a part of the child community in some way or another, or simply like to change houses like they change hair styles. We all like something different, something new. I know it’s been blogged before but let’s face it. There needs to be more quality designers that are actually willing, to help your dream come true.

Some of you are all about “well I want to live in this sort of house when I grow up.” Why wait? Seriously, if you have a dream you want for an SL house. I HIGHLY suggest, you approach Shaar Ashbourne. She owns a small little store called Sense and Sensibility on SL, she builds the houses that are prim and Mesh and keeps them prim effective so you get more bang for your buck. Between custom textures, patience and a love to build and work with you. She’s not some oh hi here’s new crap sort of business person. She’ll actually take the time and try to help you find and even build your happily ever after house.

Here are a few of her curent builds, she has a few others she’ll be getting out into the public.



And SLURL in MP Listings for In World Demo area!


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