The Mistwood is Now Available!!

LivingArea DiningArea Snapshot_006MistwoodThe Mistwood is Finally For SALE!

This house is amazing with so many options for what to do with the available living space! I had to do no Mods to this house at all which for me is a major bonus, in the pictures you see there are some texture changes from what the original looks like. For the house collectors out there The Mistwood is a Must Have!

The First Floor is very open Concept that I personally have always loved in RL and SL most time spent is in this area and the open concept helps with camera angles and I simply love the feel.

The Mistwood is a low low 217 Prims and is 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, Playroom, Kitchen, Dining, Livingroom and plenty of closets, However I myself with no mods except the normal room textures to go with decor made it a 4 bedroom 1 bathroom, and Loads of extra space left!

See House In World Here! <Click!

See MP HERE The Mistwood


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