Immersiva by Bryn Oh

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Tonight I went Sim searching in search for a sim for good pics and what I came across was something amazing and took me forever to figure out….

Immersivia By Bryan Oh

Its a Creatively done FULL Sim with puzzles given in the form of a poem to get you to the next part of the poem. however to move on with out falling or getting stuck you need to figure out how to do certain things on the sim or understand the poem itself to help you guide you along the way.

I hope everyone enjoys this sim as much as I did and gets a chance to check it out… the one thing I did notice is there are Feathers you need to use through out the sim to navigate and the drive engine for this does not work for toddleedoo avs so if you have a toddler av with you might take a little more work getting them up walls and around high corners.

*All poses were AO or poses built into furniture on sim*


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