Ghosttown1 Ghosttown2 Ghosttown3So my blog today is mostly on Location and Poses used, will try to be more affective in posting these two things in my blogs, however most of my pics are just done with a background in my photo studio with many un named poses of my friends. If that is the case I will from this point either post weather its unknown or who the pose is from πŸ™‚

These Poses are from Atooly

All from the Female Pose Pack 9

Pic #1 is Pose 82

Pic #2 is Pose 83

and Pic #3 is Pose 87

The Majority of the poses I do use are from Atooly usually since I’m truely in love with with every pose Atooly has come out with.

The Sim the pictures were taken at was….

Innsmouth, a dark New England Coastal Town 1930, HP Lovecraft <Click Here To Go

the outfit was something I just put together quick and love how it turned out


Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Livia ] – [Pink sunkissed ]

Eyes: Poetic Color/Shallow Water

Shape: Daily (Daily Bubble MP) Here!!!

Necklace: JCNY Mothers Heart Engraving Edition

Bracelet: ! – JCNY – Heart of Diamonds, Charm Bracelet with Bling 3.0 13

Bracelet: EarthStones Diamond Bangles – Platinum

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Jules” Dark Blondes

Shirt: [M.o.w] White Tank Pocket(Bag Wear)

Pants: E-Clipse KyotoPants Tweed Brown

Shoes: !!KB!! Little Owl Wedge

Also for a heads up if you ever wonder whats with the weird names or titles of my blogs, wellllll…… its almost ALWAYS a song I’m currently listen to.


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