Trimming the tree


Talisy is off sleeping the night away. And so while parents are away, the alter side of Talisy will play. Hello all, I’m Harmony and la la la la Harmy’s World is now making itself known.

Since mine’s family did their christmas tonight aka 12/15/12, I figured I’d share some of my epic cuteness with you those that choose to read this blog.

Model: Harmony Joy Mistwalker (Harmony Chatterbox)

Pose: .:Click:. Ornaments

Hat: Came with the Ornament pose by Click

Ears: Cute Bytes BabyElven Ears – Music

Sleeper: Aura’s Boutique  – Sleepy Elf Xmas Jammies

Mouthie: Giggle Box – 8 Ornament for the mouth from Candy Cane Lane Gatcha

Additional Ornament: Snow White from Sprongwinks Gatcha at CandyCane Lane

Necklace: [Celebrationz] Let it snow Necklace from CandyCane Lane Gatcha

Eyes: <<<np>>> Silent Eyes – Mint

Skin: Mynerva -Little Kia in Champagne

Hair: – Cassie in Timid Brown

As you’ve looked this over, this holiday season do one thing as I have. Send a note card, an IM or a simple text or phone call to someone you care for, and tell them. Hey, Thank you for being there or hey. Love you. Because we honestly never know when we might not get to say it again to someone.

Life is a strange thing, one minute it’s there, another it’s not. This christmas has been rocky and it’s not even over yet. But honestly, I’m thankful to those that I call my SL family. You enrich my life and brighten my world.

Seriousness aside, can I has cookies now? I need my modeling fee now. Slide three cookies under my dressing room door. It has a Massive SILVER star and reads Harmony. Kthxbai good talk.


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