Gnomish Gangnam style!


No seriously, it is so wrong it’s just right, for a blog! Again this is the one and only Harmony signing on for another blog to do nothing if not just make you laugh. Just looking at the picture alone was enough to make me crack up, if you’ve ever played WoW you’d get it. Hello Arthas, I’m a gnome and I’ve come.. to.. OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!!

Him: Reinhardt Stenvaag

Attire:  Death Knight armor by Topa Adamski of TS-Creations
Assorted Hairs: Khal – Dirty blond hair, and Khal – Dirty blond beard by Meka Aeon of Lupoaica
Skin: Thor – Shaved from Fallen Gods Inc
Eyes: Glowing Blind Eyes from Fallen Gods Inc

Her: Harmony Joy Mistwalker (Harmony Chatterbox)

Body: Cutebytes Mesh Baby Body Toddleedoo
Cutebytes BabyElvenEars – Music
Talisy in blue (bwahahaha named after me)
[e] <Elikatira> Melody in 9
<<<np>>> Silent eyes – Mint
Mynerva – Little Kia Champagne
Mittens and EarMuffs:
C*K Gatcah in Blue Snow from CandyCaneLane Gatcha fair

What has us dancing: *LG* Gangnam Style

Seriously anyone that even slightly knows me knows that I’m a dork and a half that likes to make others smile in some way or want to drop a piano on my head. I started him (Rein) dancing and then out of no where started laughing. Reason being, I drug him to wow a long time ago, and He played this HUGE warrior and I played…. a gnome mage.  So me being me I slap on pink hair and I’m like.. ARTHAS I’ve come tooooo OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!

To which case he face palmed. He probably thinks I need serious medical attention of the head kind. *shrugs, pops her collar and goes back to gangnam!*


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