As the snow falls


Let’s see where to start here, I was forcefully dragged, nagged, bribed, and bagged to come blog. I can’t assure you I can’t promise I’ll do any sort of good job. On top of that my daughter’s derrainged kitty is like pet me.. pet mee..I don’t care how many times you toss me I’m coming back purring and demanding you pet me. So there you go, work commitment.  Now if only the cat would get it’s butt outta my face so I can read what the heck I’m typing.

Model: Talisy Alexia Mistwalker (Talisy Minor)

Shape: .:AS:. Talisy (Custom made only I have it 😛 )

Lashes: Maitreya ViP Group gift Mesh lashes

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep sky mesh eyes Soft Majorelle

Outfit: *CK* Innocent Winter (yes laugh away at the name on me)

Animation/AO: :KH: Ice Skate AO with Shoes

Jewelry: Earthstones Broken Heart set: Amethyst Necklace

Earth Stones Destiny Engagement Ring

Legwarmers: ~*By Snow*~ Winter Reindeer (this is a complete costume, I just borrowed parts of it )

Ice Skates: Boudoir – Fashion Ice Blades

Ears: Mandala Streking Mesh Ears

Hair: Truth Hair Cheyenne w/Roots – Pumpkin Pie

Skin: Mynerva Pack 5 Milena Champagne 3 Frecs w/Shadow

Make up: Mynerva Group Gift Milena Preview Update Makeup Dark


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