masked bandits!

eli and tink

Ever just have that feeling of wanting to be bad and Rob someone! rofl, well you need to look good doing it now dont you? Im here to help!!


Eye make up: corvus- deep black eye shadow

hair: wasabi pills- bambi- blonde pack

ears:++PE++ Sad Elf Ears -Tribal-

shirt: errati/cory oversized sweater- plain black

pants: [Aux]Belted Bells  – Antique

shoes: [Diktator]-DARE- black

scarf- boho hobo long wool scarf (coal)

peircings: <- PoM -> – Face Piercings – Swirl Septum (nose)

[ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings Vendor (boxed) (chest)

[ S H O C K ] Piercings Unisex (going up the nose)


Tattoo – CATACLYSM male +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Dark

Eyes – ELEMENTAL +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Eyes black

Hair – -N- “Dare” – Mirage –

shirt- Turtle Neck Sweater – Tonktastic

pants- Combat Pants – Tonktastic

hat- Ushanka – Tonktastic

shoes- Short Combat Boots – Tonktastic

gloves-Devil’s Finger Gloves – [1A]

Special Thanks to Eli for letting me blog him :p


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